Why is there much suffering in the world if God is most merciful?

If this world is the creation of a perfect most merciful and all-knowing God, why does it know wars, sicknesses, much misery, destruction and suffering?  Does He not care what is happening to people as they die hard deaths of starvation and poverty? First of all, evil was the price of freedom that Allah bestowed... Continue Reading →

What do you see when you look at a night sky?

Or perhaps, what do I feel? It feels like I might finally belong somewhere. I might be worthy of a possibility, a chance. It feels like home, And my home is welcoming, no matter how much of a sinner I might become. We derive from the same origin; like two different pieces of clothes made... Continue Reading →

Poem : Give me a word

DISCLAIMER : Don't mind me, I was mad when I wrote this. And this, was written on behalf of everyone and anyone who has been belittled or descriminated because of some higher authority's hideous lack of judgement. Because of an ignorant teacher/employer that decided to favor some over others based on petiful critics such as... Continue Reading →

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