Poem : Give me a word

DISCLAIMER : Don’t mind me, I was mad when I wrote this.

And this, was written on behalf of everyone and anyone who has been belittled or descriminated because of some higher authority’s hideous lack of judgement. Because of an ignorant teacher/employer that decided to favor some over others based on petiful critics such as looks and origin, while overlooking ability and competence.

For any person who had to feel stepped upon, you should have never felt that, and I am very sorry. Truly. 

//  Give me a word 


Give me a word,

And I will make you wonder,

push you to think about the oceans the planets and even thunder

I will expose the human’s fragileness, delicateness and sensibility

How they are all synonyms with a slight dissimilarity

I will grant you a heart for nature, ripped skies and fellow trees

We can sail from science to religion and then to sunflowers if you please

It does not even have to coordinate

Because my mind is a vast universe of thoughts, words and ideas overlapping as a net

Give me a word and I will allow you to witness a wonderful phenomena


And that is only if you give me a word and decide to let me be heard

But you wouldn’t, thinking I am absurd

How dare you despise me because you hold some higher authority?

Lowering my worth without even questioning my mind or my identity

As if you know the outcome without handing me an opportunity  

What happens when you don’t give me a voice you ask?  

Oh, I will strive.

Give birth to letters out of star dust,

Letters that would blend in a blast, 

It would not matter the least if I get worn to the bones

For my words will be the strongest weapon ever known

And when I finally collect ones worth giving

I will gracefully give you one or two

Because fortunately;

I am nothing like you. 


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