Things to do in summer : A productive and a fun season


Now that we all have so much more time to spare and free to do plenty of things out of choice (woho!), I am here to give some tips and ideas on how and on what to spend that time and have an enjoyable, yet a productive summer.

  1. Declutter your room and work space  

If you are done with exams and the school year, organize all your papers and notebooks, and recycle what needs to be recycled, because let’s face it, once school tools are out of the way, you can finally have a desk as neat as neat can be! And this will give you a cleaner and clearer mind set and creativity can take place. Also, if you have any summer assignments, have them done early. Sure, you don’t need to stress over them and tire yourself, but don’t let them hang there for too long, the sooner done the better and the more free time you’ll have.

  1. Bucket list and planning 

You might feel like you don’t know what to do once you are suddenly out of your routine, and you find yourself laying on beds even though you want to accomplish some tasks, and to solve this, a bucket list got your back! Create a bucket list for all the things you have been dying to do during your busy times. This will allow you to add to it whenever an idea comes to your head or even check it when you are bored and pick something to do.

Once done, plan the elements on the list, let’s say you want to learn a new language, and you are willing to give it half an hour four days per week, plan that. Because it will have you commit to it more easily even though it does not have a specific time and date and you’re not obliged to do it like real classes.

  1. Learn or perfect a language 

I’m sure you already know which language you want to learn and even if you don’t want to join classes there are alternatives like watching tutorials, downloading apps such Duolingo and listening to audios online.

If you want to perfect a language, you can start reading books, if you already do then level them up by choosing ones with a more challenging vocabulary. You can make a list of new words and add to it each time you learn a new word, you can also write and make conversations with yourself aloud.

  1. Read books 

If you don’t, then you absolutely should. Try picking an enjoyable easy read as a start, this way it will help you to eventually turn it into a habit.

If you already are an active reader, then I’m sure, you have been waiting for summer to read to your heart contentment. However, try to not only read novels, but also educational books and ones that will add a bit to your knowledge, especially books of your profession.

  1. Pick a new hobby / try something new 

Experience the feeling of trying something completely new again, no matter how small, and embrace new opportunities, hobbies and experiences.

I will leave this for your little brilliant minds to determine; what is it new that you want to try?

  1. Workout 

I’m sure a lot of your friends want to hit the gym or practice some kind of sports too, try doing it together for a better commitment and company. If you can’t or even don’t want to go, you can use apps like “30 days challenge”, it worked very well for me. It doesn’t even have to be too serious, some well-structured movements per day will do.

Also, please make sure to drink enough water!

  1. Set little projects 

Write a book, make a short movie, plan a large family gathering, travel somewhere, start a blog, start a YouTube channel, find a job, discover your skills in cooking, painting, drawing, sports, whatever it is that you desire!  Nobody’s pushing you back but yourself. Go for it.

  1. Expand your cycle of people 

start that conversation first, share experiences and stories, stop avoiding crowded places or events, Interact with your cousins, your neighbors, get in touch with old friends, build up friendships with positive people,  get to know some older interesting ones even. Surround yourself  with good people, it will grant you experiences, a better perspective and understanding of life and a happier one even.

It is always nice and refreshing to get to know new spirits!

  1. Increase your knowledge in religion  

This is something we tend to neglect, especially in summer, because we only want fun, but we forget that our souls need feeding as much as our bodies and brains do.

You can watch lectures on YouTube, make some time to memorize some Quran, read Islamic books and join different related classes.


  • Whatever is going on in your life right now, make sure to slow down a bit, give yourself some time, reflect upon your life, restore your joy and have a very lovely and productive summer!

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