What do you see when you look at a night sky?

Or perhaps, what do I feel?

It feels like I might finally belong somewhere.

I might be worthy of a possibility, a chance.

It feels like home,

And my home is welcoming, no matter how much of a sinner I might become.

We derive from the same origin; like two different pieces of clothes made of the same fabric.

In a night sky, it feels like the Lord of heavens is listening more than ever, Looking right at me and me alone.

He would answer whatever I’d ask, right at the moment.

Whom I pray for his guidance shall be guided

And whom I pray for his protection shall be protected

And whom I pray for his happiness shall find joy.

That my sorrow, pain, and tragedies will be wiped away and buried forever

That my chest shall be light again.

Those miraculous things may happen

And this life might truly own what’s worth living for.

Maybe a night sky merely drives a soul to long for its real home.

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